Built Green

The Master Builders Association, in partnership with King and Snohomish counties, established Built Green, an environmentally friendly green building certification program, to set standards of excellence that can make a significant impact on housing, health and the environment. The program provides consumers with an easy to understand rating system that quantifies environmentally friendly building practices and gives builders the resources and support to build high-quality, desirable homes.

The Built Green program rewards the use of premium-quality building materials and practices that exceed local building code requirements, thereby enhancing both the performance and value of certified homes. New homes, remodels, multi-family developments, and entire communities can all be certified. Built Green homes provide:

  • Greater energy efficiency, leading to lower bills and less pollution
  • Significant water savings, which means healthier environments and lower bills
  • Reduced stormwater runoff, which protects the wonderful Puget Sound
  • Higher indoor air quality, leading to greater comfort and health
  • Greater durability, which means less maintenance
  • Possible eligibility for special mortgage rates and tax incentives
  • The satisfaction that your home’s environmental footprint is greatly reduced

For more information, visit builtgreen.net.