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Kat Sims, MBAKS Executive Director
Kat Sims
Executive Director
Stacy Clary
Stacy Clary
Executive Administrator
Riene Simpson, MBA Chief Financial Officer
Riene Simpson
Chief Financial Officer
Tanya Tsybert, MBA Controller
Tanya Tsybert
Ha Tran, MBA Accountant—Accounts Payable
Ha Tran
Accountant—Accounts Payable
Amber Snellgrove, MBA Staff Accountant
Amber Snellgrove
Staff Accountant
Teresa Gitner, MBA Accounting Assistant
Teresa Gitner
Accounting Assistant
Marco Lowe, MBAKS Director of Government Affairs
Marco Lowe
Director of Government Affairs
Allison Butcher, MBA Senior Policy Analyst
Allison Butcher
Senior Policy Analyst
Patricia Akiyama, MBA External Relations Manager
Patricia Akiyama
External Relations Manager
Jennifer Anderson
King County Manager
Gina Clark, MBAKS King County Manager
Gina Clark
King County Manager
Mike Pattison, MBA Snohomish County Manager
Mike Pattison
Snohomish County Manager
Angie Sievers, MBA Snohomish County Manager
Angie Sievers
Snohomish County Manager
Director of Human Resources
Russ Vanover, Director of Information Technology
Russ Vanover
Director of Information Technology
Janna Parry, MBA Applications Manager
Janna Parry
Applications Manager
Nancy Grygorowicz-Davis, Director of Marketing & Events
Nancy Grygorowicz-Davis
Director of Marketing & Events
Levi Thomas, MBA Business Development Manager
Levi Thomas
Business Development Manager
Gina Tucci, MBA Events Manager
Gina Tucci
Events Manager
Katrina Peterson, MBA Events Specialist
Katrina Peterson
Events Specialist
Eli Kunda, Events Coordinator
Eli Kunda
Events Coordinator
Celeste Hall, MBAKS Education & Facilities Coordinator
Celeste Hall
Education & Facilities Coordinator
Liz Humphrey, MBA Marketing Communications Manager
Liz Humphrey
Marketing Communications Manager
Cameron Poague, MBA Content Specialist
Cameron Poague
Content Specialist
Liz VanBemmel, MBA Marketing Specialist
Liz VanBemmel
Marketing Specialist
Patrick Hayes, MBA Director of Membership & Councils
Patrick Hayes
Director of Membership & Councils
Kory Sauve, MBA Membership Councils Manager
Kory Sauve
Membership Councils Manager
Marilyn Sippy, MBA Membership Specialist
Marilyn Sippy
Membership Specialist
Aaron Adelstein, Director of Programs & Products
Aaron Adelstein
Director of Programs & Products
Leah Missik, Built Green Program Manager
Leah Missik
Built Green Program Manager
Kelsey Brokaw, Built Green Coordinator
Kelsey Brokaw
Built Green Coordinator
Michell Filleau-Maas, MBA Community Stewardship Manager
Michell Filleau-Maas
Community Stewardship Manager
Kevin McDaniel, MBA Product Manager
Kevin McDaniel
Product Manager